We are here for one reason: to help producing and providing free Microsoft Word templates for our visitors. Our website established in 2009 and has provided plenty of original template designs for free. You will find simple letterheads, variety of yearly and monthly calendars, advanced checklist and many more. All of them are designed very carefully to make sure that you can use it without any problems. Also, they are created based on our work experiences. Some templates took several hours or days to be completed while some others just took a few minutes.

All templates with freewordtemplates.net copyright tags at the bottom of each templates are originally designed by us. These templates are for personal or offline use only. You are not allowed to use these templates as part of your product and services and distribute it in your websites without our written permission. Please respects people behind those beautiful templates.

There are also contributors which are not part of our team which provide several free templates and write articles about produced templates.

Finally, we would like to thank you for using our templates. Any feedback will be appreciated to keep providing free templates.

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